About Me

My name is Martin Krämer and I’m a photographer from Jena, Germany. I have been interested in art and photography for many years but only with the release of the Nikon D300 semi professional DSLR a few years ago I decided to take things more seriously. Since then I have been taking thousands of pictures while constantly trying out new techniques, different photography gear and creative post processing styles. I’m not a fan of the usual but rather interested in always trying out new things.

A passion of mine when it comes to photography is the post processing and editing of my pictures. It is of course important to get the actual shot to be as good as possible, but in my opinion the end result should not be viewed as a photograph – it should viewed as art, and therefore it doesn’t matter how the end result is achieved. Is the result achieved almost only by post processing and editing of a photograph, is it achieved by taking a picture at the right time with perfect lighting and technique or is it done by doing maybe even both? To me this doesn’t matter – the resulting piece of art is what does.

What I find most interesting in photography changes from time to time. But my all time favorites are landscapes, night photography and creative portraits. Currently I’m exploring the possibilities of black and white photography and the usage of external off-camera flashs for creating more creative lighting situations.

Since I’m not a full time professional photographer you can always contact me to ask me any questions you want.


Martin Krämer
Beutnitzer Straße 21
07749 Jena (Germany)


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