I have created a Google+ page where I will post new images from time to time. If you are on Google+ and are interested in recent updates and high resolution versions of my pictures then feel free to follow my site there by using the link below!

In August we have been to Greenland for a two week hiking trip. Starting from the international airport in Kangerlussuaq we walked the Artic Circle Trail to the coastal city Sisimiut. The trail is approximately 170 km in length. For us the hike was really amazing, 13 days without cell phone and internet, just hiking through the amazing nature of Greenland. I have carried my D300 all the way taking about 3500 pictures. As a result a new article showing some photography from the trip is now online:

After arriving in Sismiut we have also visited the Kangia Icefjord in Ilulissat, another article just dedicated to the amazing Icefjord is not also online: .

Lately it has become more and more disturbing how the majority of people doesn’t seem to care at all about copyright, especially when it comes down to photographs, wallpapers or any kind of picture. This has been an issue for some time now but lately the situation seems to be become worse with every day.

As a photographer who not only invests a lot of time in taking pictures but also in processing them and posting them online I always love to see when my work is appreciated and shared. It is great when people like my work so much that they are sharing it with friends or that they are posting it on their own websites and blogs. What I find, however, very bewildering is that only a fraction of all people who are sharing photographs online seem to care about giving proper credit. Only very rarely the author of an image or at least the authors website is given. Nearly every time just the image is copied but not it’s origin. What makes the issue even worse is that most people don’t even know or feel that they should credit the author when copying images, for many people I have spoken to it’s absolutely normal to just use what they find online, if it’s online – it’s free !

Why is this bad? Shouldn’t I be just happy that people like and share my work?
Of course I’m grateful that some of my photographs are so popular. However, what’s the use of creating popular pictures if in the end no one knows who created the picture? No one can check out more of my pictures or my website because no where the authors name or website is given. I see my work online on websites receiving thousands of views and downloads, even receiving comments of people who appreciate my work. But all this goes on behind my back without me noticing.

For those who might think that I’m maybe exaggerating, let me give an example:

I have uploaded this image to my gallery at Deviant-Art in 2009. Since then it has received about 7200 views and 26 comments. However, alone from the Deviant-Art page it was downloaded more than 195000 times. Why the difference between views and downloads? Because lots of external web sites link directly to the image and not the gallery page of the image. If I do an image search for my image on google it turns out over 81000 hits of websites where the image is posted or used. Only a fraction of those website give credit or even link back to my website or gallery. Among those websites are countless private and commercial website which are using the image as background or header. No one cares where the image is from, no one gives credit, everyone just happily shares and reuses the image – and nothing of it falls back to me, the original author. This situation has happened for over a dozen of my pictures. Recently I found (by accident) a YouTube video where one of my images is used as a background image. The video to date has over 1.4 million views and only after a lengthy and heated debate with the author credit was given to my image (I actually had to threaten with a take down of the video).

My work is used and viewed countless times with figures in the millions, yet, no one knows that it’s my work. The problem is that I have no idea what to do about it. I don’t want to use big watermarks to protect my images because I believe that watermarks do ruin an image if the mark is too big. On the other hand, however, getting constantly ripped off isn’t the greatest motivation to keep on going.

Early 2012 we took a long road trip through the western US national parks. Some pictures from the trip are now online, including San Francisco, Highway One, Joshua Tree National Park, Death Valley, Zion National Park and Valley of Fire State Park. The article shows the pictures in chronological order with some comments for each location.
Take a look at the article here:

I have also replaced the articles sub menu with a new page which gives an overview over all articles. You can access it by clicking on Articles in the navigation or by following this link Article Overview

After visiting the Swedish national park Sarek this summer a gallery with photographs and a few comments is now online. The pictures are in chronological order following the route we walked through the national park. I don’t want to waste too many words here, check out the article yourself if you are interested!


This article about the Sarek is the first of a series of articles I’m planning to post in the future. If you like the article then share it with your friends!

Last weak we had really amazing winter weather in Jena. Over night it was really foggy and wet outside with temperatures dropping as low as -15°C. The next morning after getting up I couldn’t believe my eyes. Everything outside was frozen and totally white. Even the clouds seemed to move away. So I grabbed my camera and decided to arrive a little bit later at work (around lunch time…). And it got even better: while walking towards the old castle Löbderburg the sun actually said hello chasing away the last remaining clouds. This was something I had never seen before, and there I stood in the forest with the camera in my hand…

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Since the begin of December winter is holding Germany in a tight grasp. There have only been a few days with temperatures above zero °C, so everything is constantly covered in slow. Sadly I haven’t had much time for really long winter walks yet, but a few short walks through the winter landscape already turned out some great photographs. Below you can find some impressions from the frozen world and how nature is struggling to survive through this strong winter.

After trying out many different things like a pure blog and a portfolio website from Deviant-Art I finally realized what I really wanted to have in the first place – a simple gallery website on my own domain and server. The result is this very simple website which has only a single purpose, to display my photography in a simple but organized way.

On the main Gallery Page you will find links to all sub galleries which then contain about 8 to 15 pictures for each gallery. I will try to keep those sub galleries updated so that new pictures I shoot are added there from time to time. Bigger updates will be posted in here in this little blog. But please don’t expect too many updates, I want to try to blog on a regular but not too frequent basis. On the About Me you can find so some basic informations about me along with copyright and contact informations.

Please enjoy my website, if you have any questions regarding my pictures, photography in general or this website feel free to contact my by e-mail at .